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Billiebin: transform your green waste into sustainable worm compost

With Billiebin you get new pets, reduce waste by 80% and feed your plants. Will you participate?

Billiebin: what about that?

  • Billiebin is a small multi-storey worm compost bin. You throw away your green waste at the top.
  • Your new pets get to work: compost worms and other critters eat their way through your green waste. They leave behind nutritious compost and plant food.
  • You then give this worm compost to your plants. This way the circle is nicely rounded!

The answer to your questions

The Billiebin worm hotel

Do you have any other questions? Don't crawl away! We will help you further. We are happy to teach you how to best care for your Billiebin.

Here you will find the answer to all your questions.

Choose Billiebin! Because:

  • Your green waste shrinks by 80%, without bad odors!
  • You create nutritious worm manure and sustainable plant food.
  • A fun and educational project for your children and yourself.
  • The only pet that cleans up your mess. Up to 2 kilos of green waste per day!
  • And of course it is good for our planet.

So, are you in?

The Billiebin received a warm welcome from them!


"The worm hotel, it's great how you get to sympathize with the worms! We try to feed them as varied as possible (or use up our waste ;-)). We have already had one compost 'harvest' and have already received the 'worm tea' regularly. received as a thank you."

Bram Govers


"The Billiebin has been in my garden for a while now and I am completely happy with it. I can tap worm tea every week and recently harvested compost for the first time."

Naima de la Bretoniere


"I'm going to check on my worms every day"

Jessica de Groot


"Nice experiment, I'm giving half of my geraniums the black gold, now we have to wait and see."

Steef van Winkel

Afbeelding van een klant die gebruik maakt van het wormenhotel
Afbeelding van een klant waarop een aantal kinderen in het wormenhotel kijken
Klantenfoto van een wormenhotel in de tuin
Klantenfoto van een Billiebin in de tuin met een potje onder het kraantje
Afbeelding van het zwarte wormenhotel die in de tuin staat

Curious about Billiebin?

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Made from recycled plastic

Social work place

Packed and shipped by Driestroom

Bicycle courier

Sustainable and fast delivery by bicycle

Less waste, more reuse

For a sustainable future