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About us

A sustainable world in which everyone handles green waste smartly.

We strive for this every day. How? By offering you the necessary tools, knowledge and support so that you can actively contribute to a greener world. With Billiebin you turn your green waste into a valuable soil product. Just in your backyard. This is how we combat global warming together, with worming!

Our story

In 2019 we started our sustainability journey. Not surprising, because sustainability runs through our blood. Founder Tobias van Deursen had his feet in the ground from an early age. Because one thing that really makes him happy is making compost. Billiebin was born from that passion.

By making compost you are kind to your plants and the earth. You convert waste into something useful. And with our products you can separate waste in a fun way and become more self-sufficient. We are happy to help you get started on your sustainability journey. Because whoever does green, does good! Are you participating?

Do you have any questions? Don't crawl away! We are happy to help you.

Illustratie van een lachend wormpje